One of the most important parts of Punto Belle is my printed vegan leather. All of the printed vegan leather that you see in my shop features my own pattern designs which are exclusive to my shop, will not see them or be able to buy these prints anywhere else, this makes my work extra special.
Hand drawing pencil sketches in Punto Belle artist studio
Starting with pencil sketches I loosely map out my ideas, I then transfer them onto a digital platform with the use of a graphics tablet. I like to express the love I have for pattern and colour through my designs and I take a lot of my inspiration from nature when designing them.
Lois Callis-Smith designing fabric pattern on a mac for Punto Belle

 Once I am happy with my designs they are then sent to a professional printers based right here in the UK which transfer my patterns onto incredible vegan leather.


Lois Callis-Smith holding a roll of printed vegan leather fabric for Punto Belle


Due to the special way my fabric is printed my pattern placement will always be the same as photographed, so that cute little fox on my coin purse will always be in the spotlight.


Punto Belle coin purse with fox pattern with coins on a desk
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