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Hey folks, I have so rather BIG news to share with you.


I have recently discovered a new fabric that I am in the middle of transitioning to, I don't want to give too much away at the moment but I can tell you that it looks AMAZING!

travel wallet

As this new fabric is very different to cotton this does mean that there will be some big changes happening. The first change is that I have decided to discontinue all of my travel wallets and jewellery rolls. I only have a handful of these left, so you may have to be quick if you have your eyes on one. I cannot say whether or not they will come back but if they do it might not be this year and as they will need to be re-designed to work with the new fabric they won't be the same.

selection of printed fabrics

The second big change is that I am discontinuing 6 of my fabric designs, these include; Candy, Berry, Eco, Honey, Ice Cream and Mandala - I have very limited stock left of these fabrics and they have sold out already in most items so if these are your fave designs grab what you can before they are gone forever.cotton sale banner

To make way for my new exciting collection I am having a huge sale on all my cotton items with up to 30% off. This sale will start on Friday 26th February at 6 pm in my Etsy Shop

Get your alarms set and see you soon, Lois x

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